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Sixty-seven years, China "China create" flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, proudly rise

Date: 2016-09-29
Number: 197

Miles Heshan Tim Jinxiu towering Chinese cast powerful


  In October 1st, our great motherland will celebrate her sixty-seventh birthday. The elegance of the Chinese land has accumulated a long history of China's five thousand years. It has accumulated thousands of years of ups and downs.

Looking back on the course of the sixty-six years of wind and rain, with the wise leadership of the Party Central and the joint efforts of the people all over the country, the motherland is moving towards prosperity and prosperity. From Hongkong and Macao to the embrace of the motherland to the miracle of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the world's top high speed rail technology, the cross sea mile stele of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and the successful launch of the Shenzhou series and the No. 1 of the heaven palace... All these brilliant achievements have proved the strength and prosperity of our motherland.

The "Chinese creation" of the rich and strong nation


 Only when our country grows strong can we have economic development and develop well. China's manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of the world, but we can still do better. The vision of Chinese entrepreneurs is not only "made in China" but also "created in China".

Fuyuan Group has become one of the famous outstanding business representatives in China under the correct leadership of Dr. Miu Shouliang, chairman of the board. With the boundless love and loyalty of the motherland to the people, Dr. Miu Shouliang enthusiastically invested in the creation of the enterprise, vigorously developed the high-tech industry, and contributed its full strength to the economic development of the motherland under the belief of "patriotism, law-abiding, integrity, dedication and dedication". Also repeatedly called for the majority of young entrepreneurs to serve the motherland, to straighten the backbone of national enterprises.

Now, China's high speed rail has been in the top ranks of the world; Haier has succeeded in the "first camp" of the American household appliance industry; the Alibaba opened the new gate of Global trade... The brand that attracts the attention of the world will shine brilliantly on the stage of "China's creation".

Mr. Miu Zhifeng, chairman of Fuyuan science and technology, said that Fuyuan science and technology, as an innovative enterprise of high and new technology, should take full enthusiasm, high spirit, tenacious style and pioneering spirit to improve the technical ability of the enterprise. In the real sense, it will create its own contribution to China to make China make a contribution to China. Make Fuyuan technology become an international enterprise with more world influence, world class ability to develop high and new products, and to conquer the hard problems of the industry.


The spring breeze drizzle and the innovation still see rich people


As the Chinese people, we are very proud that we are proud of being rich.

The development of a country is inseparable from the support of enterprises. The development of enterprises is inseparable from the efforts of employees. Everyone in Fuyuan Technology, whether it is the staff on the assembly line or the scientific researchers in the laboratory, is conscientious and conscientious and diligent, with their own ability to contribute to the achievement of "China creation" in their respective positions. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the five year of Fuyuan Technology. It is the five year of the sapphire, from the 140KG ingot to the 202KG grade ingot, from the full process line of the 5 inch cell phone panel to the annual production capacity, and the robust development of Fuyuan Technology in the sapphire industry can not be made without the wisdom and pay of any member. On the occasion of the national day, the rich people are willing to be rich. "China created" the powerful dream of the great power to develop a more high level of sapphire technology, let Fuyuan Technology in the sapphire industry can represent the "China created" proud to stand in the center of the world stage.



Notice: welcome to the national day, the wayzgoose. October 1st - October 7th Fuyuan & arrange vacation days off. In October 8th (Saturday), we should go to work formally. Every department should arrange well the duty, such as public security, fire protection, sanitation, etc. according to the actual situation. Pay attention to traffic safety and prevent accidents. I wish you all a safe, happy and peaceful national day holiday.


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