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Our Ultra U HTC to get news from Sohu sapphire panel

Date: 2017-09-21
Number: 217

借势HTC U Ultra我司蓝宝石面板得到搜狐新闻好评

On May 16, 2017, HTC released U Ultra's successor U11 on the second day of its 20th birthday in Taipei. As early as April 2017 released U Ultra, the regular version has begun to lower prices for U11 to make way. The little-known U Ultra Sapphire Limited Edition finally entered the domestic market, compared to its overseas prices, and compared with the newly released U11, U Ultra Sapphire Limited Edition may be more cost-effective.

U Ultra Sapphire Limited Edition: With 128GB body storage and sapphire panel, still the main pair of dual-screen, glass back cover + metal middle frame design, and 5.7-inch 2K screen, 4GB memory, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, front 16 million + rear 12 million pixel UltraPixel camera.


Similar to the newly released U11, it supports the QC3.0 fast charging technology, the perfect audio experience brought by the combination of BoomSound speakers, 3D stereo surround sound system and Usonic intelligent sonar headphone with intelligent tuning and active noise reduction. U Ultra has a good performance in the mainstream tests of various mobile phone performances: the charging speed is only second to Oneplus 3T. Right between South Korea's Samsung and LG’s highend model G6 and S8+. Although the battery capacity has only 3000mAh, but it’s performance in the test is only slightly behind iPhone 7 Plus with a small gap;

借势HTC U Ultra我司蓝宝石面板得到搜狐新闻好评

In order to distinguish from the traditional HTC "high-end mobile phones," the "limited edition" htc U ultra uses a curved 2.5D designed with sapphire to bring it excellent value and touch feeling. For a long time, the application of sapphire on mobile phone panels has caused certain concerns about the choice of sapphire panels due to the problems of yield and productivity. However, compared to the value of the glass panel, the Saifei sapphire panel, which lives up to the name of full of sincerity in the application of htc U ultra "limited edition".


I must mention that as a domestic high-tech national brand, Saifei Sapphire has given the market a powerful blow in both yield and productivity for htc U ultra at this time. According to Digitimes quoted HTC data, after laying the foundation of htc U ultra, benefiting from the excellent performance of U11, the successor of htc U ultra in May of this year, HTC’s mobile phone sales revenue reached US$ 225.2 million in June (approximately RMB 153 million yuan), 50% increased over the same period last year.


Equipped with sapphire panels for smart phones can be a challenge, and even Apple can't do this in mass production. In the process of studying related production difficulty issues, one of their sapphire suppliers, GT, went bankrupt. However, this sapphire version of U Ultra is a limited-edition model, so HTC does not need to engage in quantitative issues - this is similar to the Vertu and Brigadier tri-proof phones that have used sapphire panels in their products for many years (*2014 Saifei sapphire was supplied to Brigadier). Alone with the U-Ultra's spectral hybrid color technology and the Saifei Sapphire panel unique material characteristics, brings a breakthrough in color performance compared with mainstream IPHONE products.

It is better to find a way to counter the performance race


As of today, the space for differentiation in the design and performance of smart phones technologies is gradually shrinking, and from the all-metal design to processor performance, or the size of ROM memory, it has become increasingly difficult to pull away the distance between competitors. Competition to the brand is also becoming weaker. Consumers' iterations and performance satisfaction are also more in pursuit of touch feeling, aesthetics and other user experiences. The Saifei Sapphire panel can truly eliminate the need for a screen protector and allow the screen to be highly durable. The emerging sapphire panel has leaded to a new battleground for mobile phone brands.


From the luxury products of Patek Philippe, Tissot's sapphire crystal to IWATCH's sapphire crystal, the application of sapphire panels on smart phones limited in high-end mobile phone model, this is due to the consideration of product marketing cost and cost profit considerations issues, witch troubled many mobile phone manufacturers for a long time. It is known that though a long-term R & D and application optimization of the Saifei sapphire on the sapphire panel, it has achived about 80% market share of "sapphire in the smart phone application",


The htc U ultra sapphire limited edition chose Saifei Sapphire as the hardware component of its “Spectral Hybrid Technology”, which has to be said is a very clever consideration, with it’s excellent touch feeling, high strength, anti-scratch and easy to clean ability. The sapphire panel wins the consumer's favor on the user experience, on top of that, the sapphire material itself has a 30 to 40% attenuation in blue light wavelengths which are harmful to the human body.


HTC, the pioneer of Android phones, chose to develop with htc Uultra on the occasion of its 20th year of establishment. To regain the mainland market‘s recognition, it’s exciting to expected what they may achieved as a national brand as Saifei sapphire’s breakthrough and development in the mobile phone panel application, I believe in the near future, we will hear more excellent news.

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